Lime CRM Desktop Client 11.0.1996

Lime CRM Desktop Client
Date published
Manual installation.

This Lime CRM Desktop Client release is a stability, performance and bug-fix update.

  • Support for looking up fields by relation.
  • Support for customizing export filename.
  • Support for setting PageSize in search dialog.
  • Support for separate implementation per file for WebView2, enabling use of modern Javascript and improved asynchronous loading.
  • Support for automatic handling of truncated data from backend.
  • Updated WebView2 SDK.
  • Robustness fixes for error handling.
  • Internal handling of limelinks to enhance compatibility with IE/WebBrowser.
  • Improved error messages for installer signature errors.
  • Unified timeout handling for length updates.
  • Fixes for document handling for multitab editors.
  • Fix for focus problems in HTML-UI after dismissing modal script dialog.
  • Added MS suggested workaround for problems with msForceBrowserSignIn
  • Regressing bug for VBScript in text shortcuts.
  • Fix for crash in tab handling.
  • Fix for race-conditions in timezone handling.
  • Fix for crash if PowerPoint or Excel integration fails to checkin file.
  • Compatibility fix for invalid arguments in Records.Open
  • Fix for problem with empty log messages.
  • Fix for race-conditions when switching view.
  • Fix for keyboard navigation for option-fields.
  • Fix for problems with PreTranslateMessage in desktop dialogs opened from modal VBA Forms.
  • Stability fix to prevent MFC-subclassing for VBA IDE and hidden .Net frames.
  • Compatibility fix for ignoring access rules for linked fields.
  • Fix for formatting problem in view dialog.
  • Fix for Records.Open that triggered bug in Records.Copy
  • Compatibility extensions for Lime.HttpRequest to handle more generic problems with mixed contents on custom code.
  • Compatibility fix for empty default values for options to avoid problems with NULL in legacy VBA code.
  • Fixed bug in IDispatch for LDCQuery that broke usage from JS.
  • Fix for problems with filters for time-fields.
  • Fix for parsing error in Record.Eval.
  • Stability fix for crash in related records.
  • Fix for problem where documents opened via related field always are read-only.
  • Compatibility fix for local default values.
  • Fix for Inspector.Class as null-reference.
  • Fix for problem with Application.Active*
  • Fix for incorrect formatting in error dialogs.
  • Fix for missing prompt-argument.
  • Last modified: 8 months ago
  • by Magnus Fagerlund