Released April 8, 2016.

  • Download documents from related document object (PRO-1020)
  • limefu view generation adds fields according to database field order (PRO-956)
    Easier way of administrating the views in the webclient
  • Upload and download documents (PRO-866)
    Make it possible to download and upload single files on cards with file fields
  • Improve installer help texts (PRO-862)
  • Allow use of Yes/No fields as key (PRO-830)
  • Object picker improvements (PRO-747)
  • Internal server error when attempting to view import error details and import file does not exist (PRO-1127)
  • Storing documents not always possible due to out of memory errors (PRO-1067)
  • Handle any filename when uploading files (PRO-1044)
    Allow all valid file name characters when uploading and downloading files via the file api.
  • Related object badge may interfere with dropdown menus (PRO-992)
  • IE/Edge reports installation package “invalid or corrupt” (PRO-893)
  • Do not log multiple changes of database timestamp within the same second (PRO-858)
  • Last modified: 4 years ago
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