From Lime CRM Server 12.9, lime-views and some configuration is stored in the database instead of in files. If you are upgrading from an early version of Lime CRM Server 12, the views needs to be migrated. To migrate existing lime-views and configurations, run the following script from the Lime CRM Command Prompt on the server.

python <database name>

Only objects of company, person and deal types can be created by default using the web client. Up to Lime CRM Server version 12.9, to enable creation of objects of other types, a file named webclient_add.yml must be created in the application folder (%LIME_HOME_PATH%\Lime CRM Server\applications\<application>). What happens when adding this file is that you are now able to add more object types from the Overview page.

If the configuration file exists, only the types specified in the file will be listed. If the file does not exist, the default types will be listed. The contents of the file must be in YAML format. Example:

    - person
    - company
    - business
    - project


The Lime CRM Web Server service must be restarted to apply changes.

If upgrading Lime CRM Server from 12.1 to 12.6 or above, you need to follow the steps below in order to enable up- & downloading of documents through the webclient as well as getting a nice list of the documents in the related object view:

  1. Make sure that the following labels are set on the document-table in LISA:
  • Document type-field: category
  • Comment/description-field: description
  1. Go to the view-editor and copy each card-view set-up that has a relation to document, for example the company card-view. Save this temporarily in a text document.
  2. Regenerate each view that has a relation to document using limefu (by using the syntax limefu view generate -a “Lime CRM” -l company for the company card view for example)
  3. Reload the view-editor and copy/paste the old card-views to each card-view you removed previously.
  4. Go each card-view and press 'Ctrl+F5' in order to do a “hard” reload of the browser.
  5. Done! You should now be able to see the documents nicely formatted in the related document list.

From webclient version 12.15 the featureswitch for delete actions ('canDelete' inside file 'applications/<databasename>/devfeatureswitches.json') are removed. But hey, don't worry! We've got you covered! Policies for delete actions can from this version be set from LISA as any other user permission.

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