Field properties

There are many field properties that can be set for a field and what properties a specific field have depends on it´s field type. To set properties on a field, click on the field you would like to set a property for and choose “Properties” on the panel to the right.


Name Description
Field label is used to describe what the field is used for especially in a integration manner. To know if a field contains a address or a phone number for example
Invisible indicates wether a field should be invisible in Lime. There are some options to choose between
Length indicates how long a string can be to be saved in a text field. This feature has nothing to do with how big the field is on the form
Required indicates whether a field should be mandatory or not
Tooltip when holding the cursor across the field, you will se a brief explanation of the field


Name Description
Active directory Label Matches labes used in Windows AD, if this is set on a coworker card, the info will be overwritten by the AD sync.
Category The available options. Can be used to add pre-defined selections to a text field
Comment a comment for the field
Default Value default value when new entries are created, this value is directly added into the database
Default Value (interpreted by Lime Pro) default value when new entries are created in LIME. This property makes it possible to set a default value on a relation field such as a logged in user. The value of the property is a VB-expression for exmaple Activeuser. Record.ID
Format SQL-expression This should not be used, it will decrease performance! This can be used to format input data, ie. when user addes a date of 2019-01-01 the expression can add the current time to that date input as well.
Name The database name of the field. This name is used when you develop customizations in VBA for example
NULL is permitted indicated whether the value NULL is allowed for the field
Option Query have a possibility to control what to be showed in a textfield or relationfield (options). For example as a default value show all persons that works on a company and works as sales reps
Private Comment is used for documentation when developing a customization. For example to note that a field should not be deleted or changed because it is used in an integration
Read only (Only in Lime CRM Desktop Client) Specifies that a field is read-only in Lime CRM (only on a form)
Required for editing (in Lime CRM Desktop Client) a comment for the field
Sequrity Policy specifies the security policy the field will be linked to. Read more about Security Policy
Timestamp Timestamp of when the field was last changed
Validation rule (Only in Lime CRM Desktop Client) Specifies a VB-expression that is used to validate a fields value when post is saved. If the result is True the post can be saved, otherwise not. Example: Used for VAT number fields, to validate if it is been typed in correct (xxxxxx-xxxx)
Validation text (Only in Lime CRM Desktop CLient) If a field has a validation rule and not accepts the value when the record is saved, the lime client will show a messagebox with the text from this feature


Name Description
SQL Expression properties for SQL-fields. Runs whenever the object is refreshed/shown. Does not work in webclient and does not save any value to the database and is thereby not possible to use in Lime BI. Read more about SQL and Automatic fields: SQL properties
SQL for new properties for automatic fields. Runs when card is being created. Can not catch any data and can only do calculations with hardcoded numbers. Does not work in webclient. Read more about SQL and Automatic fields: SQL properties
SQL for update properties for automatic fields. Runs when the card is being saved/created. Works in webclient. Read more about SQL and Automatic fields: SQL properties


The properties for the fields under this section (display name, field order, height, width, width properties) are adjusted automatically when designing the fields on the form. Therefore you don't have to mind about them.

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