• You need to be a part of the​ Administration group (Lime CRM Admins)​
  • Internet Explorer​ (Silverlight needs to be installed​)
  • To start LISA, simply open your web browser (note that Internet Explorer is required!) and go to http://<servername>:5472/lisa

<servername> should be replaced with the name of the server where the LIME Server is installed, for example: http://server01:5472/lisa

To create a shortcut at your desktop, you can right-click anywhere inside LISA and choose “Install Lime CRM Server Administration to this computer”. The shortcut will point to LISA at the server address you are currently visiting.

LISA in the Lime Technologies Cloud is known as Maggie. Maggie can be reached by going to https://<your lime crm cloud url>/admin/

  • Last modified: 2 years ago
  • by Tomas Eketorp