In order to show the salespipe widget on the dashboard, the following requirements must be fulfilled.


Server Version
Lime CRM Server v. 12.19 or above


The configuration will in first hand use the table with correct label, in second hand use a table with one of the approved table names.

Table Label Name
Deal Project deal, project or business


The configuration will in first hand use the field with correct label (if applicable), in second hand use the field with one of the approved databasenames.

Field Label Database name Type
Deal name Name name, dealname, projectname or businessname string
Responsible salesperson Responsible Co-worker coworker or responsible relation
Deal status Category dealstatus, businesstatus, salestatus or projectstatus option
Company N/A company or customer relation
Value N/A value, totalvaluesek, totalvalue or businessvalue decimal or integer
Weighted value N/A weightedvalue, weightedvaluesek or weightedbusinessvalue decimal or integer
Expected date N/A expecteddate or expectedorder datetime - quarter
Probability N/A probability decimal - percent

Deal status

The options for the field “Deal status” needs one or more of the following optionkeys in order for the widget to function. The dealstatus in the widget will show the options according to the id of the options in the optionfield.

Type Optionkey
1. Customer contact contact
2. Demand analysis requirement
3. Quote tender
1. Prospecting prospect
2. Qualification qualification
3. Push push
4. Close close
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