Using a browser can be a good way to show records in a new window instead of showing them in the main explorers in Lime. This example opens a new browser for companies with a vba created filter as active. You can either choose to allow all filters for the class or specify a filter to use in the browser.

Code example

Sub OpenCompaniesInBrowser()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Dim oClass As LDE.Class
    Dim oBrowser As Lime.Browser
    Dim oFilter As LDE.Filter
    Dim oNewExplorer As Lime.Explorer
    Dim oNewExplorerRecords As LDE.Records
    Dim oNewExplorerSettings As LDE.Settings
    Dim PageSize As Long
    ' We will open an explorer containing companies in our new browser
    Set oClass = Application.Database.Classes.Item("company")
    If Not oClass Is Nothing Then
        Set oFilter = New LDE.Filter
        Call oFilter.AddCondition("name", lkOpLike, "Lundalogik")
        oFilter.Name = "Lundalogik"
        ' Let's use the application set limit on how many
        ' items we can display. Default is 0 i.e no limit
        ' at all
        PageSize = Application.Settings.Read("Application\Explorer\PageSize", 0)
        Set oNewExplorerRecords = New LDE.Records
        Call oNewExplorerRecords.Open(oClass, , , PageSize)
        ' Create the browser
        Set oBrowser = New Lime.Browser
        oBrowser.Caption = oClass.LocalName
        ' Get settings for the explorer type we will create
        Set oNewExplorerSettings = oBrowser.Explorers.Settings.Item(oClass.GUID)
        ' Create the new explorer and assign it settings, records and name. All
        ' these attributes are required by the explorer
        Set oNewExplorer = New Lime.Explorer
        Set oNewExplorer.Settings = oNewExplorerSettings
        Set oNewExplorer.Records = oNewExplorerRecords
        oNewExplorer.Name = oClass.LocalName
        ' Set filter and view as well. Use the ones associated with the
        ' explorer's class
        Set oNewExplorer.Filters = oClass.Filters
        'Call oNewExplorer.Filters.Add(oFilter)
        Set oNewExplorer.Views = oClass.Views
        ' Make sure it's visible
        Call oNewExplorerSettings.Write("Visible", 1)
        ' Put the explorer in search mode
        Call oNewExplorerSettings.Write("SearchMode", 0)
        'Set oNewExplorer.ActiveFilter = oFilter
        ' Add the explorer to the browser
        Call oBrowser.Explorers.Add(oNewExplorer)
        ' Display it
        Set oBrowser.ActiveExplorer.ActiveFilter = oFilter
    End If
Exit Sub
    Call UI.ShowError("OpenCompaniesInBrowser")
End Sub

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