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A record is a line in the database of a specific class.

'Open a record
    Record.Open(Class as class,ID as long,View as view)
'Get options from a field

When creating or updating several records you should use a batch. A batch collects records and make one database call instead of calling the database to update each record.

Code example

Private Sub UpdatePersons()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Dim oPersonRecord As LDE.Record
    Dim oPersonRecords As New LDE.Records
    Dim oFilter As New LDE.Filter
    Dim oBatch As LDE.Batch
    Set oBatch = New LDE.Batch
    Set oBatch.Database = Application.Database
    Call oFilter.AddCondition("company", lkOpEqual, Application.ActiveInspector.Record.ID)
    Call oPersonRecords.Open(Database.Classes("person"), oFilter)
    For Each oPersonRecord In oPersonRecords
        'Update the values of the person
        Call oPersonRecord.Update(oBatch)
        If oBatch.Count > 100 Then
            Call oBatch.Execute
        End If
    Next oPersonRecord
     If oBatch.Count > 0 Then
        Call oBatch.Execute
    End If   
Exit Sub
    Call UI.ShowError("Actionpad_Company.UpdatePersons")
End Sub
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