Built-in dialogs

Lime CRM comes with a number of built-in dialogs that can be used for solving common tasks when customzing the application. Showing a dialog typically involves code along the following lines:

Dim Dlg As New Lime.Dialog
Dlg.Property("SomeSpecificProperty") = "DialogSpecificConfiguration"
If Dlg.Show(DialogType) = vbOK Then
   ' User confirmed, continue with whatever
End If

Available dialog types are found in the DialogTypeEnum enumeration. Below the most common dialog types are shown together with a short code example demonstrating the capabilities of the dialog.

This dialog can be used for searching for and picking records:

Name Required Type Description
Class Yes LDE.Class The type of records to search for.
SearchFilter No LDE.Filter Restricts the records the dialog can search in.
SearchView No LDE.View Specifies which fields to search in. This view can be overriden by the user through the advanced options. By default the dialog searches in the field “Description (System)” or the set of fields last used.
SingleSelect No Boolean If True only one record can be selected. Default value is False. (Note: When singleselect is disabled the multi-select behaves oddly and requires a scroll on the mouse wheel to update properly.)
DisableAdvanced No Boolean If True the advanced settings will be disabled. Default value is False.
AutoLoad No Boolean If True the search result is loaded before the dialog is displayed. It will also disable the search function and the advanced options. Use in combination with a search filter or when you know the result is limited in numbers. The default value is False.
Caption No String Dialog caption.
CloseButtonCaption No String Close button caption.
SearchResultCaption No String Text displayed just above the search result.
Pool LDE.Pool Output

The following examples allows the user to pick one single person having last name “Smith” and upon return prints the full name of of the person in the immediate window.

Dim oDlg As New Lime.Dialog
Dim oFilter As New LDE.Filter
oFilter.AddCondition "lastname", lkOpEqual, "Smith"
oDlg.Property("Class") = Database.Classes.Item("person")
oDlg.Property("SearchFilter") = oFilter
oDlg.Property("Caption") = "Search for Mr. Smith"
oDlg.Property("CloseButtonCaption") = "Pick him"
oDlg.Property("SearchResultCaption") = "Select your favorite Mr. Smith."
oDlg.Property("AutoLoad") = True
oDlg.Property("SingleSelect") = True
oDlg.Property("DisableAdvanced") = True
If oDlg.show(lkDialogSearchRecords) = vbOK Then
  Dim oPersons As New LDE.Records
  Dim oRec As LDE.Record
  oPersons.Open Database.Classes.Item("person"), oDlg.Property("Pool"), "name"
  For Each oRec In oPersons
      Debug.Print oRec("name")
End If
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  • by David Schützer