Upgrade LDC

LDC upgrade target all known server versions and should be fully compatible for drop-in usage, including MGW and legacy integrations via WebService. Main purpose is of upgrading is better stability and performance, including better deadlock handling.

Upgrading is strongly recommended if already running LDC 12.9.* to resolve bugs in intermediate versions.

Due to historical technical limitations LDC currently have two different visual version numbers:

  • Installer: X.Y.Z - Visible in download links and documentation
  • DLL: X.Y.(Z+1000) - Visible in the lower right corner of Lime CRM Desktop and logs
  1. Run the LDC installation file (download from LDC)
  2. Open Component Services as administrator and navigate to:
    Component Services\Computers\My Computer\COM+ Applications
  3. Right click on Lundalogik Data Components and choose Properties
  4. Navigate to Identity
  5. Choose “This user”, add the Lime CRM service user/password and click OK (it may show you that it is already “This user”, but do not trust in it! Change it!)
  6. Open Registry Editor and go to:
    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Lundalogik\Lundalogik Data Components
  7. Update LogDirectory to the correct folder. Default location:
    C:\ProgramData\Lundalogik\Lime Pro Server\Lundalogik Data Components\logs

  8. LDC 12.0.2097 and later are built using MS VC++ 2022 v14.3X and requires updated runtime
  9. LDC 12.9.1817 and later use MSOLEDBSQL19 by default. Upgrading to these builds will require either of these additional steps:
  1. Done!
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  • by Pontus Netler