Installation of Python 3.11

Prerequisite: Uninstall Python 3.7(and any other older version) before installing Python 3.11, using the control panel to uninstall is fine. But doublecheck with the customer that there is nothing else running on the server that is dependent on an older python version before uninstalling it.

  1. Download the latest Windows Installer (64bit) for Python 3.11 from here:
  2. Run the installation as ”Run as Administrator” (right-click on the installation file and select this option).
  3. Check ”Add python.exe to PATH”. Then, click “Customize Installation”.
  4. Make sure that the following checkboxes are checked, then click “Next”.
  5. Check “Install Python 3.11 for all users” and make sure that the checkboxes are checked. Then click “Install”.
  6. After the installation, if the ”Disable length limit” question appears, click this and then “Close”.

Open a normal cmd prompt (not LIME Pro Command Prompt), run the command

py -3.11 --version

and verify that the command returns version “3.11.X” (X might differ depending on what 3.11 release you have installed). If the command fails, you need to make sure that Python is installed and that it exists in your path.

  • Last modified: 7 months ago
  • by Johan Fritiofsson