Removing tables containing relation fields breaks Lime CRM

Due to problems in removing relation fields when removing a table in Lime CRM, the Lime CRM Desktop Client throws an error message and makes it impossible to use Lime CRM.

In Lime CRM Desktop Client, after logging in, you will receive the following message and won't be able to do any operations:

The system cannot locate the object specified.

Run the SQL-code below to locate and thereafter remove the faulty relation fields.

-- Find invalid relations. 
-- Please verify the found fields and make 
-- sure they are indeed not supposed to exist.
            idfield, name, tablename, fieldtype, relatedtable, relatedfield, relatedidfield
            relatedtable IS NULL
            OR relatedfield IS NULL
            OR relatedidfield IS NULL
            OR idrelation IS NULL
            OR relationside IS NULL
-- Delete each invalid relation by id
            EXEC dbo.lsp_removefield @@idfield = <INSERT id here>

When removing the table in LISA; the relation fields are not being removed. This has previously been ignored by the desktop client, but not in later versions.

All Lime CRM Desktop Client versions from 10.12.107 and above. The issue is solved from Lime CRM Server

Please contact our support team if you have questions regarding any of the above.

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