Solution install issues

Installing a solution on a Windows machine with `limefu solution install` and getting version conflicts and/or related Python issues. The issues arise because of the Lime Python virtual environment has been compromised. This is either due to file-locks or previous one off `pip` installs into the venv

Cleaning out the virtual environment of all non essential packages.

  1. Make sure all “lime” services are stopped ('lime-event-handler', 'lime-task-handler', 'lime-task-scheduler', 'limecrm-scheduler', 'limepro-elasticsearch', 'limepro-importer','limepro-search-indexer', 'limepro-webfront', 'limepro-webserver', 'RabbitMQ')
  2. As an administrator run `procmd`
  3. Run “python -m pip freeze > requirements.txt”
  4. Edit requirements.txt and remove “limefu”, “virtualenv”, “pip” from it
  5. Run “python -m pip uninstall -r requirements.txt -y”

The Lime virtual environment is now clean and a solution can be installed with `limefu solution install`

  • Last modified: 2 years ago
  • by Jens Gustafsson