Solution install issues

Installing a solution on a Windows machine with `limefu solution install` and getting version conflicts and/or related Python issues. The issues arise because of the Lime Python virtual environment has been compromised. This is either due to file-locks or previous one off `pip` installs into the venv

From Lime CRM 2022.3.1015(2.437.0) it is possible to use lime-project on-premise install. This will most likely solve most solution install issues seen before.

Cleaning out the virtual environment of all non essential packages.

  1. Make sure all “lime” services are stopped ('lime-event-handler', 'lime-task-handler', 'lime-task-scheduler', 'limecrm-scheduler', 'limepro-elasticsearch', 'limepro-importer','limepro-search-indexer', 'limepro-webfront', 'limepro-webserver', 'RabbitMQ')
  2. As an administrator run `procmd`
  3. Run “python -m pip freeze > requirements.txt”
  4. Edit requirements.txt and remove “limefu”, “virtualenv”, “pip” from it
  5. Run “python -m pip uninstall -r requirements.txt -y”

The Lime virtual environment is now clean and a solution can be installed with `limefu solution install`

  • Last modified: 15 months ago
  • by Jonatan Folger Asu