Silverlight end of life and LISA

The underlying technology of LISA – Silverlight, is end of life in October 2021.

A Silverlight free version of Lisa is available in beta in Lime CRM Cloud at “/admin-beta/”. This version of Lisa will be included in the upcoming on premise release during fall 2022.

Regarding Lisa with Silverlight:

  • Existing installations will continue to function as Silverlight will continue to function.
  • We can provide a downloadable Silverlight installation for any new installation. Please contact us to get help
  • To reduce the Silverlight footprint we can suggest keeping Silverlight only on the Lime CRM Server machine or setting up a Virtual Machine and have LISA administrators access it over RDP.
  • We are always available to help you with LISA configuration
  • LISA functionality will over time be migrated to a new administration tool, Lime Admin. User and Group management is first in line.

Internet Explorer is required to use Silverlight. Internet Explorer is no longer available as a separate application in Windows 11 and Windows 10, but built into Microsoft Edge. To enable IE mode in Edge please follow these instructions

  • Last modified: 22 months ago
  • by Filip Arenbo