Lime Marketing: Apple iOS 15 Update

A Quick Update for Lime Marketing Customers. Recently, Apple launched its iOS 15 update with new privacy controls, including Mail Privacy Protection. As a Lime Marketing customer, this feature enables your recipients who use Apple Mail as their email client to conceal whether or not they've opened an email. The feature works by stopping “senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user” (Source). As a result, some of the email statistics you track in Lime Marketing may be impacted by Apple's new privacy features.

How will this update affect your email statistics in Lime Marketing?

  1. Open-Rates: Newsletter statistics may start to show inflated open-rates. If your recipients enable Apple's privacy feature, their email activity can be inaccurately registered as an open, regardless of whether your recipient has actually opened the email.
  2. Mobile vs. Desktop: The percentage of contacts who opened emails on either a desktop or mobile device may not be fully representative of all recipients' behavior.
  3. Recipients' Interactions Since Send Out: In Lime Newsletter, the visual statistics you use to understand what time of day recipients are opening emails may not reflect all data points, since true opens are less reliable.
  4. Conditional Branching: In Automated Flows, the *Condition* action based on 'Has opened an email' may not send the contact down the accurate Yes/No path. For the future, we recommend using link clicks as the property for a Condition based on email activity.

Adjust how you measure email statistics and continue cultivating great relationships.

Apple's new privacy features are a great motivation to start exploring other ways to measure email performance. Email engagement is more important than ever! Open-rates have traditionally been a steady metric to understand the effectiveness of subject lines, but there are other, more complete ways to enhance your overall understanding of who your recipients are and what type of content interests them.

- Click rate: Click rate is a more reliable engagement metric. In Lime Newsletter, you can see how many unique recipients clicked through your email. You can also look into the distribution of link clicks to see which links are performing best and gain insight into which topics your recipients are most interested in reading. For example, link clicks include both text links and call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Enhance conversions by attracting readers to linkable text and buttons with shorter email copy and a simple, clean design. Lime Newsletter shows you the number of unique recipients who clicked through your email, which links were clicked, and the total number of clicks per link.

- The number of opt-outs: After each newsletter send-out, you can check how many recipients unsubscribed from your publication. Tracking opt-outs provides one way to gauge the value that your recipients get from your emails. Unsubscribes could point to several different things that you can address, like relevance of email content, list segmentation, and how often and what time you send newsletters.

- Invite contacts to events through Lime Event: Responses to event invitations are a great way to learn about what topics your contacts are most interested in. From here, you can adjust your email content strategy around the topics that get the most attendee interest.

- Send a Lime Survey - If you use Lime Survey, you can collect statistics based on survey topics and questions you send out to your recipient list. You can use a survey to learn more about your audience and use this insight to adjust your email content.

- Delivery rate - The delivery rate for each email provides you with insight into the hygiene of your recipient list. An increase in bounces could mean it's time to look through your list and make sure email data is up-to-date and your recipients have consented to receive communications from you.

- Pair your email strategy with SMS through Automated Flows - Reach your audience across both email and SMS to meet your contacts through different channels.

  • Last modified: 15 months ago
  • by Cleo Dan