E-mail deliverability problems

Some of our customers are affected by a low deliverability of email, and you might be affected. Some e-mails sent to recipients using Microsoft Outlook are ending up in spam or quarantine. We are investigating the root cause of the issue and have opened a dialogue with Microsoft.

Low deliverability means email will still reach the recipient, but might end up in a spam folder or being quarantined.

Two temporary workarounds

  1. Have your recipients check their spam folder and/or check if the mail ended up in quarantine. You can find e-mails ending up in quarantine by visiting this link.
  2. For e-mails sent internally - Your IT administrator can change the spam or quarantine policies so that the affected e-mails are let through in Microsoft Exchange. Please note that this will not affect the deliverability of non-internal e-mails to Microsoft Outlook users.

Email deliverability is a unique trade secret for each email service. In principal it is a combination of the content of the email and the reputation of the sender. As it is today, our sending IPs have suddenly seen a sharp drop in reputation for Microsoft’s rating. Sending IPs gain good reputation by, over time, sending large volumes of email that aren’t reported as spam. We have a large span of sending IPs and we continuously measure their reputation. We have strict sending rules to keep our IPs good reputation. We have not seen events that could have trigger a lowering  of our IPs reputation. We are working on bringing more IPs online, but they must first be “warmed up” (gain good reputation) before they can be used effectively.

  • Last modified: 16 months ago
  • by Jens Gustafsson