From Lime CRM Server 2022.3 (Rysy) and later, usage data of the Lime CRM web client is automatically gathered with the purpose of ensuring, maintaining and improving products and services. No personal data is ever captured. It is possible to opt-out by following the instructions below.

When installing Lime CRM Server 2022.3 (or later), a row in the configuration file (config.yml) is added by the installer. To opt-out, simply remove the value in the appId config and restart the Lime CRM webserver.

Perform the following steps to do so:

  1. Edit the config.yml file located in the %LIME_HOME_PATH%\LIME Pro Server\Web Server\configs (usually C:\ProgramData\Lundalogik\LIME Pro Server\Web Server\configs) directory:
    1. Locate the plugins: –> limepkg_product_analytics: section
    2. Remove the appId value
          appId: ''
    3. Save the file
  2. Restart Services
    1. Restart Lime CRM Webserver
  • Last modified: 18 months ago
  • by Magnus Fagerlund