Web-based login fails for Lime CRM Desktop 11.1.2918 and older using WebView2 Runtime 116 and later

Microsoft has released version 116 of a component that the Desktop Client depends on - the WebView2 Runtime. This version of the WebView2 runtime contains a change that breaks the standard login (Standard username/password, Azure AD login and OpenID login).

Customers using Single-Sign-On via Lime Active Directory Integration (LADI) are not affected, as that feature uses a different login method.

For corporate customers with controlled IT environment we currently advise them to stop automatic updates until Lime CRM Desktop have been upgraded.

Switch to legacy login via the right-click menu in the login-dialog.

Note: AzureAD and OpenID are not supported for legacy login.

This setting can be set per server via the Windows Registry:

HKCU\Software\Lundalogik\Lime\Login\<servername>\WebLogin = DWORD(0)

This is the recommended solution to the problem.

This solution expects the auto update feature to be installed in your environment. By using the auto update feature the user does not need admin rights and the new Lime CRM version can be installed by the user them self.

Make sure that you shut down the desktop client before running the installer. Run the installer by double clicking on it and follow the steps described. You should now be able to use the Desktop Client again.

Upgrade to Lime CRM Desktop 11.1.2974 or later. Download installer from link below:

Open PowerShell as administrator and run the following code:

 $LIME_CRM=“${Env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Lundalogik\Lime CRM” 
 $ProgressPreference = 'SilentlyContinue' 
 Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $WEBVIEW2_URI -OutFile $DOWNLOAD_DEST 
 expand “$DOWNLOAD_DEST” -F:* “$LIME_CRM” 
 if (Test-Path “$LIME_CRM\WebView2”) { Remove-Item “$LIME_CRM\WebView2” -Recurse -Force } 
 Rename-Item “$LIME_CRM\$FULL_NAME” “$LIME_CRM\WebView2”

Change $ARCH according to you platform (x86/x64).

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  • by Pontus Netler