"ActiveX component can't create object" when starting Lime CRM Desktop

The error occurs when a user logs in to Lime CRM Desktop using major version 11, leaving the client in a broken state. This issue is caused by a recent update of WebView2 Runtime by Microsoft (version 120.0.2210.61). An issue has been open with Microsoft and others have experienced the same problem.

Update to WebView2 Runtime 120.0.2210.77 and later resolves the issue for all versions of Lime CRM Desktop. The updated versions was released 16th of December 2023 and should be generally installed by automatic updates by the 18th.

Lime CRM Desktop version 11.1.3088 resolves the login issue, but some customizations may not work correctly.

Lime CRM Desktop version 10.18.962 or older are not affected.

Upgrade to Lime CRM Desktop 11.1.3089 or later.

Download the installer from one of the links below. Ensure that you shut down the desktop client before running the installer. Double-click on the installer and follow the provided steps. You should now be able to use the Desktop Client again.

This solution assumes the auto-update feature is installed in your environment. By using the auto-update feature, the user does not require admin privileges, and the new Lime CRM version can be installed by the user themselves.

For this solution, the user needs admin privileges to run the installer.

  • Last modified: 7 months ago
  • by Pontus Netler