Required: DMARC Email Authentication

Both Yahoo and Google recently announced new requirements for senders starting in February 2024. These new rules apply to all Lime Marketing customers.

As a Lime Marketing customer, you automatically meet almost all the new sender rules! However, it will soon be required to have a DMARC policy set in your sending domains DNS. A DMARC policy is an instruction for receiving mail servers that tells them what to do when they get an email from your domain that is not authenticated (meaning failed SPF and/or DKIM).

Google's requirement is targeted towards those sending 5k or more emails to Gmail inboxes per day. However, this requirement will be enforced for all Lime Marketing customers.

As the new requirements take effect in February 2024, Lime Marketing will require DMARC for a sending domain to be valid.

If you're unsure whether your organization has implemented DMARC or not, you can check in your Lime Marketing account. Head to Sending Domains under Administration to see whether DMARC exists for your domains.

If no DMARC policy is found, you need to add one. We recommend setting a neutral policy (p=none) to get started as this won't affect any other emails if your domain is being used from other systems apart from Lime Marketing. For a general guide on adding DMARC at your DNS provider, take a look at this guide.

Your IT team will need to set up a DMARC policy by February 2024 to continue sending emails with valid sending domains from Lime Marketing.

1st of February 2024 - Lime Marketing will enforce that all customers meet new sender requirements

Refer to Google and Yahoo guidelines for more detailed information.

  • Last modified: 6 months ago
  • by Cleo Dan