GDPR Add-on Might be Affected by Security Improvement in Lime CRM

Older versions of the GDPR add-on might be affected by a security improvement in the Lime CRM platform.

This only concerns customers that fulfill all the below requirements:

  • Use the GDPR add-on in the desktop client.
  • Have not installed the add-on or upgraded its LBS apps since 2022-11-10. I.e., the LBS apps are from a lower version than 3.6.1.
  • Are running lime-crm v2.761.3 or later. This is the upcoming on-premise Lime CRM server release (planned to be named 2024.1).

The buttons in the GDPR add-on to download the personal information as an Excel file or a JSON file will no longer work.

  1. Upgrade the limepkg-gdpr package to the latest version. Check the GDPR add-on documentation for guidance.
  2. Make sure to remember to replace the LBS apps used by the add-on.

Please note that if you are running the predecessor package lime-crm-gdpr, the first action you must to do is to migrate over to limepkg-gdpr.

  • Last modified: 2 months ago
  • by Fredrik Eriksson