The following services are used by the Lime CRM platform and should be monitored to make sure the application works.

  • SERVICE_NAME: limepro-webserver
  • SERVICE_NAME: limepro-importer
  • SERVICE_NAME: limepro-elasticsearch
  • SERVICE_NAME: limepro-webfront
  • SERVICE_NAME: limepro-search-indexer
  • SERVICE_NAME: llab-lisa
  • SERVICE_NAME: limecrm-scheduler
  • SERVICE_NAME: limepro-event-handler
  • SERVICE_NAME: lime-task-handler
  • SERVICE_NAME: lime-task-scheduler

A Lime CRM offering might also include som add-on services which also should be monitored:

  • SERVICE_NAME: llab-tangelo
  • SERVICE_NAME: llab-tapir
  • SERVICE_NAME: llab-mgw
  • SERVICE_NAME: lime-crm-bi
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  • by Lars Jensen