Any change of data that is not made through the webclient, desktop client or the api will require manual intervention to keep the search index up to date.

Thats means that it will not work out of the box for i.ex.

  • Lime Web Service
  • Mailgateway
  • SSIS
  • Database inserts
  • Lime Extranet
  • LEE
  • Lime Mobility

Any change in LISA that affects fields and their properties will require a reindex

We are unfortunately not able to react to changes in LISA as this time. The index must be regarded as invalid after each change.

If you are using the webclient and are using any of the not-supported ways of changing data then you will have to take some steps to ensure that the index is up to date. Limefu provides tools for reindexing a selection of limetypes into an active search index. This allows you to, i.ex. trigger an update of all companies into the search index if you know that companies are out of sync for any of the reasons above. This can be done with no downtime for the customer.

One could trigger a partial reindex after your integration has run to bring companies back in sync or be scheduled using, for example, the windows task scheduler.

Example: Create BAT file and schedule it to run as hidden, with highest privileges and wheter user is logged on or not. You could store the bat file at C:\Program Files (86x)\Lundalogik\

To create a BAT file open notepad and save it as .bat

cd “C:\Program Files (86x)\Lundalogik\Python34\Scripts\” call Activate limefu search update-index -a “Lime CRM” -t company

Example: Sync companies in a database named core everyday at 9:00

SchTasks /Create /SC DAILY /TN “ReIndex Task” /TR “limefu search update-index -a core -t company” /ST 09:00

  • Run limefu search –help for more information on the available commands in your specific version.
  • See specs or example for how to work with the scheduler.
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