LDC 12.9.2725

Lundalogik Data Component (LDC)
Date published
Included in
Lime CRM Server 2022.3.1015

This version of LDC will make Lime CRM Desktop Client load and save data faster and more resilient.

  • Improved robustness for deadlocks
    • Isolation: All read operations now default to read uncommitted to reduce problems with deadlocks.
    • Priority: Read operations will have lower priority to avoid blocking (expensive) updates.
    • Stability: Fixed bugs in error handling for deadlocks that previously resulted in crash, which resolved the deadlocks.
  • Improved scalability
    • Large cache objects now stored as files
    • Reduced memory footprint
    • Stateless operation
    • Access to full 4Gb address space
    • Fixed several memory leaks that resulted in memory fragmentation
  • Improved performance
    • Optimized streaming and conversion for data
    • Optimized string and buffer handling
    • Native integration with Redis for persistent caching
    • Native C++-level object model instead of COM+ to avoid internal overhead
  • Improved handling of data structure
    • Full support for multilevel caching (SQL, Redis and COM+)
    • Refactored detection of updates
    • Cache semaphore to avoid multiple parallel execution of expensive operations that populate cache
    • Unified internal model
  • General improvements
    • Fixed internal threading issues
    • Native support for logging crashes
    • More detailed logs for known issues
    • Codebase migrated to modern development tools (C++20, MSVC 2022)
  • Last modified: 18 months ago
  • by Jonatan Folger Asu