LDC 12.9.3147

Lundalogik Data Component (LDC)
Date published
LDC 12.9.2147 (note installer version is -1000)
Included in

This version of LDC will enable LISA without backend and Lime CRM Server more stable.

  • Guard against crash if session is not available
  • Ignore sharing violations for updating file-based caching.
  • Always use READ UNCOMITTED
  • Unified session handling to enable JSON also for LDC.Attribute
  • Verify timestamp after datastructure generation and retry if changed.
  • Added validation and re-generation of options queries to support LISA without backend.
  • Workaround error in logging due to missing settings combined with insufficient privileges.
  • Removed unused implementation stubs to reduce clutter.
  • Switched to VS2022 v143 C++ compiler
  • Removed dependency for deprecated .Net Framework v4.0
  • Handle missing transaction.
  • Extended default timeout for LISA to better cope with slow databases in cloud.
  • Added handling of more problematic characters to file-level caching.
  • Worked around potential race-condition for accessing session-table.
  • Extended database level timeout for jobs (ie LISA) to 30 minutes (instead of 5 minutes)
  • Detect and recover from memory fragmentation.
  • Improved support for batch operations via COM interface with compatibility hack for stateless operation.
  • Worked around compatibility issue with LISA and assumptions about stateful batch updates.
  • Reduced risk for locking issues.
  • Worked around problems with trashcan optimization for nested queries.
  • Fixed problem related to mIxEd case and formatting of key names that broke generic support for loading LDC settings from environment variables.
  • Refactored internal mappings to avoid unnecessary usage of database ID.
  • Unified rules for filebased caching.
  • Ensure that large values read from Redis are cached locally to reduce network traffic.
  • Refactored refresh to avoid session errors.
  • Refactored session handling to avoid loading the complete session list.
  • Unified default ttl.
  • Unified mapping between database name and id.
  • Last modified: 5 months ago
  • by Carl-Johan Larsson