Version 10.12.107

Released August 25, 2015.

  • Stability improvements for Outlook related features (LPDC-206)
  • Improved account logging in Bisnode One-By-One (LPDC-203)
  • Missing Finnish translations (LPDC-205)
  • Fields could not be added to standard reports (LPDC-204)
  • Customized settings were not saved when opening a database over https using a shortcut (LPDC-202)
  • Yes/no fields in list views with many records could cause Lime CRM to crash (LPDC-201)
  • Lime CRM would crash if auto login is enabled with an incorrect user name or password (LPDC-200)
  • The field Befattning kod was never updated from Bisnode OneByOne (LPDC-199)
  • Standard reports could not be added or edited (LPDC-198)
  • Translation error when converting to PDF (LPDC-197)
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