Version 10.12.135

Released January 12, 2016.

  • Add a command line switch to disable loading of the action pads (LPDC-239)
  • Help menu web links should point to localized editions of Lundalogik web site (LPDC-232)
  • Re-establish connection to Outlook if lost (LPDC-220)
    If Outlook crashes, Lime CRM will automatically try to re-establish connection
  • Improved application startup time when using Outlook integration (LPDC-219)
  • Outlook 2016 support (LPDC-22)
    Support for Outlook 2016
  • Mouse wheel scrolling bug in inspector with maximized list (LPDC-255)
  • Crash when closing Lime (LPDC-251)
  • Crash when logging in while other instances are active (LPDC-246)
  • Crash when closing inspectors (LPDC-240)
  • Problem with the Save/Cancel question asked by the Word addin (LPDC-235)
  • Date values are sometimes passed to the server with an incorrect format (LPDC-233)
  • Easter egg should not trigger by accident (LPDC-230)
  • Field codes do not render correctly when destination related object is empty (LPDC-228)
  • Missing danish translation when logging in with already active session (LPDC-227)
  • Remove error logging when attempting to retrieve available features from old servers (LPDC-223)
  • It is not possible to send a mail without preview (LPDC-222)
  • Addins are installed with incorrect load behavior (LPDC-221)
    Some addins (e.g. TAPI dialer) should not be loaded per default
  • Problems saving changes to templates in template manager (LPDC-26)
  • Application exit confirmation dialog blocks shut down (LPDC-24)
    Application exit confirmation dialog prevented Windows from shutting down
  • Mouse cursor has to be over inspector control to enable inspector scrolling (LPDC-23)
  • Screen scaling issues (LPDC-13)
  • Displaying a MsgBox in the BeforeShow event takes a very long time (LPDC-4)
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