Version 10.12.166

Released March 7, 2016.

  • Print multiple documents (LPDC-269)
    It is now possible to send multiple document to a printer from any list having the document button in the toolbar.
  • Add .xlsx export for Limealyzer reports (LPDC-265)
  • Support specifying default https port at installation time (LPDC-11)
  • Support specifying hosting login at installation time (LPDC-6)
  • IE/Edge reports installation package “invalid or corrupt” (LPDC-286)
  • First tab cannot be closed (LPDC-284)
  • “Object variable or With block variable not set” error when using the Outlook integration (LPDC-283)
  • “Type mismatch” error shown when saving sent emails (LPDC-280)
  • “Overview” tab is shown to the right in the tab list (LPDC-279)
  • Closing tabs using close button first loads tab contents (LPDC-275)
  • Opening an inspector may crash the application (LPDC-274)
  • Opening an inspector from a list may crash the application (LPDC-267)
  • Intermittent crash when opening a document (LPDC-266)
  • Panes cannot be closed/removed (LPDC-259)
  • Closing the application may cause crashes on Windows 10 (LPDC-258)
  • Opening a Browser dialog from VBA crashes the application (LPDC-257)
  • The indidactor may cause Lime CRM to crash (LPDC-256)
  • Scrolling when maximized tabwindow scrolls the entire window, not the list in the window (LPDC-247)
  • Ctrl + B (making row bold) in a list without any items causes a crash (LPDC-242)
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