Version 10.12.219

Released April 14, 2016.

  • Use specific warning messages when server is down for maintenance (LPDC-305)
    Warning message is shown when server is down for maintenance, letting users know why they can't log in
  • Auto update launcher shows a message while waiting for existing processes to exit (LPDC-297)
  • Use the new file API (LPDC-287)
    Documents are up- and downloaded in the client using the new file-API
  • Setting to disable the “search for recipients” dialog when sending documents as email (LPDC-218)
  • Cannot set Context when programming against a NewMail in the Outlook Integration (LPDC-304)
  • File sizes should be displayed as 1 KB = 1024 bytes, not 1000 bytes (LPDC-302)
    File sizes are now displayed using same rounding as in Windows Explorer.
  • Login dialog eats CPU when not in foreground (LPDC-290)
  • List reports crash Lime CRM (LPDC-249)
  • Calculating reports may not work after upgrading (LPDC-248)
  • Export from list to Excel gives random sortorder (LPDC-25)
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