Version 10.14.13

Released September 7, 2016.

  • New VBA event Application.DialOut triggers when phone numbers are clicked (LPDC-328)
    Custom features can now be triggered when clicking on optional phonenumber
  • Quick search now supports local date and time formats (LPDC-351)
  • LIME Pro is now Lime CRM! (LPDC-334)
    More modern and nice looking login screen and shortcuts.
  • Automatically convert DCOM protocol settings to HTTPS during upgrade (LPDC-331)
    Simplifies migration from earlier versions when DCOM has been used to connect to Lime CRM Server.
  • “File or directory name is invalid” when drag and dropping email (LPDC-349)
  • Some valid filename characters cannot be used when saving documents (LPDC-345)
  • Invalid temporary file names containing double quotes are generated (LPDC-341)
  • Password should not be stored unless “Remember me” option is checked (LPDC-340)
  • Connection details set using commandline are not reflected in connection dialog (LPDC-332)
  • Pane controls (HTML tabs) cannot be shown/hidden using VBA (LPDC-330)
  • Main window pane contents corrupted when closing using mouse (LPDC-327)
  • Available tab data checking when opening records is done twice (LPDC-326)
  • Maintenance mode message not correctly shown for hosting applications (LPDC-322)
  • Templates in different folders could not have the same name (LPDC-321)
  • Setting outgoing email sender or meeting organizer sometimes fails (LPDC-315)
  • Cannot install with parameters for all users (LPDC-254)
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