Version 10.16.1017

Released January 29, 2018

This is a maintenance release on top of version Version 10.16.806. The following issues were fixed:

  • Ensure we follow security best practices for c++ according to Microsoft
  • Enable Control Flow Guards in our binary which makes certain types of security exploits harder
  • Improve error message when placeholder evaluation fails.
  • Fix mail merge wizard image not scaling on high DPI screens
  • Fix issue with ActionPads not working in panes when inserted with restricted browsing flag.
  • Fix bug where template fields doesn't get removed if their result is empty
  • Fix bug with mail merge causing email format (e.g. HTML) to be lost
  • Excel template no longer crashes when a second doc is opened
  • PowerPoint template elements without names are now ignored, instead of invoked which caused crashes.
  • Make PowerPoint not discard font formatting when differing within a single TextBox.
  • Excel templates with formulas containing '<>' no longer crash.
  • Last modified: 4 years ago
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