Version 10.17.1792

Released August 14, 2019.

  • Add Experimental Chromium implementation for embedded web frames, hidden behind a miscellaneous option.
    • Chromium version in this release: 63.0.3239.
  • Login logo now rotates and shows version if clicked.
  • Improved user statistics in order to get more accurate product development input.
  • Add a new application tag to disable Limelinks to the web client, by calling Application.Tag(“web_limelinks_enabled”) = False from VBA.
  • Check more aggressively for certificate issues on login.
  • Add confirmation dialog when updating Lime through AutoUpdate banner.
  • Add AutoUpdate prompt dialog at shutdown.
  • Scale the AutoUpdate notification dialog properly when using Windows scaling.
  • Update license agreement link in installer.
  • Add link to license agreement in AutoUpdate banner.
  • Fix regression issue which caused dragged-and-dropped files to lose their file names.
  • Fix bug that crashed Template Manager if a folder had an apostrophe in its name.
  • Do not launch Lime after update at shutdown.
  • Fix bug where client wouldn't log in if Windows' time zone API returned an empty value.
  • Last modified: 3 years ago
  • by Karl Nilsson