Version 10.18.419

Released August 24, 2020.

  • The Lime CRM Desktop Client will only allow connections to Lime CRM servers with certificates that are signed by a certificate authority. End users will no longer be able to accept the warnings and connect to Lime CRM servers with self-signed certificates. However, we do allow connecting to localhost, or everything else where Uri.IsLoopback = true. That means that it is still possible to access local installations with self-signed certificates.
  • Fixed regression error in email validation that caused suggest email address to ignore logic for sibling records.
  • Added logging with performance measurements for back-end communication
  • Fixed crash in string formatting for messages exceeding 600 characters.
  • Disabled embedded folder panes by default for Office 32-bit (no longer supported by Microsoft)
  • Added stability fixes for embedded folder panes for Office 32-bit.
  • Added support for outgoing email from multiple accounts, previously only default account was properly supported.
  • Fixed crash when trying to print document record without attached document.
  • Fixed regression in sending email to lists.
  • Fixed regression in organizing meeting for other organizer.
  • Fixed bug for accessing database where current application locale is not active, now handles cases where Application.Locale != Database.Locale.
  • Fixed bug where locales are sent in non-standard format, ie en_us instead of en-us.
  • Improved error handling for back-end communication to preserve root cause. This will enable end-users and support to better diagnose authentication errors, network problems and configuration problems, including invalid certificates.
  • Properly handle HTTP-requests without content.
  • Updated application .config to use default security setting from Windows where applicable.
  • Updated Outlook Redemption to workaround crash in specific versions of MS Outlook 365, current version is now
  • Last modified: 23 months ago
  • by Magnus Fagerlund