Lime CRM Desktop 11.0.1689

Lime CRM Desktop
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Manual installation and Automatic Updates.

We have replaced Internet Explorer! As default, Lime CRM Desktop now embed web content using Microsoft Edge WebView2.

  • Improved performance and stability
  • Easier development and troubleshooting
  • Open up the door to modern customizations and add-ons

We recommend to use Lime Bootstrap 1.12 since this is the version used when developing and testing Lime CRM Desktop 11.0. LBS 2 or 3 (beta releases) are not supported.

Compiling VBA will now reveal more errors.

  • Improved stability
  • Easier development and troubleshooting

Support for Azure AD while login. Previously released for the web client only and thanks to WebView2 now also possible in the desktop client.

We can now collect crash dumps. Alla data is saved on our server, we don't save any sensitive data and logs will only be saved for a limited time. Everything to make sure it's GDPR compliant.

  • Easier to find bugs
  • Easier troubleshooting

πŸ”§ Sending crash dumps is on by default. It's possible to turn off in windows registry.

Disable = DWORD(0|1)
Disable = DWORD(0|1)

Error messages will provide more details. This will make it easier to fix problems.

  • Refined error dialog
  • Preserve error details
  • Additional details from previous errors

In most cases data will now load asynchronously. This will prevent the desktop client from freezing when large amounts of data is loaded. So you can keep on working with other stuff while waiting for data to load.

  • Fixed known issues with VBA
  • Added missing dependencies

The client APIs now has general support for date and time formatted according to ISO8601.

Previous versions had an internal limit of total 256 characters. This limitations has now been removed for most usage scenarios.

General support for opening linked files have been improved to workaround known issues:

  • Images (GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc.) now opens correctly in Windows
  • PDFs are tracked for multi-tab viewers
  • Temporary files are valid minimum 10 seconds or until associated program is closed
  • Files opened via separate launcher are now tracked via Window-title instead of associated process
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Multithreaded workload
  • Doubled available memory
  • Manage session and cookies between different HTTP-stacks
  • Preserve error details from business logic, server and database
  • Binary back-off when retrying operations
  • Better handling of intermittent backend errors
  • Better handling of unexpected results

Now possible to transfer selection to tabs that are not visible.

Over 100 code paths that previously caused the application to crash are now fixed.

Fixed bug where it was not possible to convert multiple documents to PDF.

Fixed bug where copy special included more records than the selected ones.

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  • by Magnus Fagerlund