Lime CRM Desktop Client 11.0.1876

Lime CRM Desktop Client
Date published
Manual installation and Automatic Updates.

This Lime CRM Desktop Client release is a stability, performance and bug-fix update.

  • Added support for filters on readonly fields.
  • Increased support for dynamic menu items to 999
  • Added support for editing and printing EML-files.
  • Updated UserAgent to enable dual login between desktop and updated Chromium-browser.
  • Improved robustness for footer sum calculations.
  • Improvements to make event listeners less error prune during cleanup.
  • Use async call to ShellExecuteEx.
  • Refined indication of pending states for explorer.
  • Updated default value handling for new records
  • Use limited trust for login dialog.
  • Added error handling for checking document read-only status.
  • Added recommendation to verify LDC in backend for 501 Not Implemented.
  • Added specific handling for deadlock-errors reported by database.
  • Added diagnostic logging for shortcut keys.
  • Improved compatibility from iframe by setting position:absolute if height=100%
  • Clear old error messages on reload.
  • Ensure filter is applied before navigating to active item.
  • Use more specific error code for argument validation errors.
  • Updated URL generation to use proper schema delimiter
  • Added database-level setting for general timeout (features.databaseTimeout) that is propagated to all legacy database access.
  • Unified explicit timeout values for backend to 60s.
  • Improved robustness for embedded XML.
  • Display warning instead of crash when document is missing.
  • Added support for JSON as “application/json+hal.
  • Added explicit logging for retried requests, not only based on ellapsed time and threshold.
  • Added general support for using “getdate()” to generete local timestamp.
  • Warn about VBScript in LBS apps.
  • Unified parsing and formatting for date/time to support timestamps < 1900.
  • Improved error handling and robustness to better handle compatibilty due to race conditions when accessing control values when underlying window is destroyed.
  • Extended general error handling for mixed content compatibility handling.
  • Switched to updated helpers for timezone adjustments to unify truncation, support time-only and avoid errors for timestamp around 1899. Also fixed rounding errors that caused timestamps to change +-1 minute during adjustments.
  • Set thread description if supported to simplify debugging multithreaded operation.
  • Added backward compatibility fix for access control when updating linked fields, including setting (features.enforceAccessControlForLinkedFields) and logging via Sentry.
  • Refactored timezone adjustments to better support time only.
  • Added binary signing for automatic updates.
  • Improved robustness in UI calculations for popup date/time-selector.
  • Extended error details and logging for VBA problems.
  • Slightly reduce memory footprint after deleting records.
  • Added user options for controlling SSO and clearing caches from login dialog.
  • Handle old servers that does not include self-reference URI.
  • Ignore certificate warnings for well-known hosting providers (ie. *, *
  • Added annotations for built-in print screen.
  • Fixes for eventhandling and lookup by name.
  • Fix to enable block loading for unlimited page size.
  • Fixed crash when opening document via related field.
  • Fix for cookie management to reduce problems with expired sessions.
  • Fix for problem with option and set fields without default value.
  • Fixed regression bug where document was opened read-only.
  • Fixes slashes in LimeLinks.
  • Fixes for handling configuration problems related to default values.
  • Fixed stability problems for Outlook integration related to missing error handling for event listeners.
  • Fixed bug in Application.ActiveControls that may result in strang side-effects when closing the active inspector.
  • Fixed potential threading issue for monitoring documents.
  • Avoid general trace helpers not to overwrite last error during processing.
  • Fixed bug in trimming for server name.
  • Fixed bug in generel trimming for COM-strings.
  • Worked around problems with async loading for mixed content due to race-conditions for callbacks in WebView2.
  • Fixed compatibility problem for loading local content via $.ajax via relative paths.
  • Handle formatting for multiple tabs.
  • Refactored async updated for singular records to avoid memory leak.
  • Fixed memory leak and internal state corruption.
  • Fixed potential memory leak and state corruption due to lingering async operation.
  • Fixed bug in numbering related to selection handling.
  • Fixed stability problem for adding records to empty explorer.
  • Fixed multiple stability problems for explorer when updating records.
  • Exclude port if default from Host-header to avoid 503-response from buggy backend server version (nginx/
  • Fixed bug where records with same ID but different class (limetype) may be removed from lists when any record sharing ID is deleted.
  • Fixed problem with delay during shutdown.
  • Fixed problem with custom ports for proxies.
  • Fixed problem with sorting applied to count-queries.
  • Set active item according to sorting for all temporal types.
  • Unordered List ItemWorkaround problems when backend send empty display_name for database.
  • Fixed regession bug related to groups in groups.
  • Fixed regression bug where vbscript:-prefix is not handled for template tags.
  • Fixed bug where coloring for out-of-range percentages is different between list and card.
  • Fixed bug in support for nested markers in formatting expressions due to changed semantics for field lookup.
  • Ignore general database timeout for procedures called via API.
  • Fixed problem with multiple invokations for window.load
  • Suppress non-interactive calls to VBA when user is idle, should effectively stop reload for info tiles when user is not active.
  • Added workaround for bug in LDC where any error results in empty response with “200 OK”.
  • Fixed rare crash when building view for records.
  • Fixed rendering bug in explorer embedded in dialogs.
  • Fixed crash during cleanup related to Inspector.Close
  • Fixed problem with list edit for fields with alias.
  • Last modified: 10 months ago
  • by Magnus Fagerlund