Lime CRM Desktop Client 11.1.2160

Lime CRM Desktop Client
Date published
Manual installation and Automatic Updates.
This version is not recommended for installation, please use current build for upgrade or new install.
  • Apply signcode to Redemption modules to avoid false detection by anti-virus software.
  • Control should display current value, not last saved value.
  • Removed workaround for now fixed bug in WebView2.
  • Improved performance for localization loaded via VBA.
  • Switched to async model for loading local content in WebView2.
  • Improved rendering behaviour for inspector tabs and controls, most notable in Windows 11.
  • Fixed problem with automatic activation of new tabs.
  • Fixed problems with automatic linking for new documents create from sent emails.
  • Fixed problem with JS Proxy.set for strict-mode.
  • Refactored internal handling of explorer tabs in inspectors to fix problems related to hiding the last visible tab.
  • Compatibility improvement, Property(“Pool”) now yields Nothing (not Empty) when not set.
  • Unified file-size handling
  • Fixed compatibility problem with handling of invalid filters, now query results should be identical compared to old versions.
  • Default to visible footer also for currency columns.
  • ActiveUser.Record.ID should default to 0 if coworker-record is missing. Also handle alternative access via localname.
  • Accept trailing (garbage) in error messages.
  • Fixed rare crash due to division by zero in font calculations. Use application window for DPI calculations, default to desktop window. And use 96 if calculation yields 0.
  • Gracefully handle objects for Condition.Value to validating IPersistStream or using DISPID_VALUE. This is effectively a workaround for issues with conditions that include options.
  • Fixed reference leak for SAFEARRAY triggered by errors during save.
  • Fixed crash for situations where value formatting yields empty string.
  • Fixed potential reference leak for creating inspectors that are never shown and not explicitly closed.
  • Skip invalid fields when copying records.
  • Include candidate value in validation message for option fields.
  • Unified handling of Explorer.ActiveItem between filtering, sorting and refresh.
  • Fixed bug where Explorer.Refresh cleared selection.
  • Worked around compatibility problems for chunked string concatenation.
  • Compatibility: Only merge un-named subfilters due to implied complexity with multiple joins may result in performance and scalability problems when multiple filters are OR:ed together.
  • Removed customized support for macro-enabled Excel formats due to issues with COM/Automation access to content. Formats still supported via basic filetype handling.
  • Improved robustness for errors during template replacement.
  • Trim illegal characters from field alias.
  • Distinguish missing references from broken.
  • Added label to sub-menus for fields to make navigation in deep hierarchies less confusing.
  • Refined width calculations for formatted context menus to better support scaling (custom DPI)
  • Added support for Database.DelayedUpdate via Application.RunEx.
  • Compatibility fix to support reusing batches as shown in VBA example. This previously mostly worked due to some bugs in the event handling.
  • Explicitly remove all lingering migration modules for Lime Easy.
  • Extended detection of missing references to better understand VBA compilation errors.
  • Ensure explorers are invalidated after changing associated records. This will resolve problems where “wrong” list appears until explorer is redrawn for other reasons.
  • Fixed crashes during shutdown due to invalid references.
  • Avoid redundant refresh for WebBar during initial load and close.
  • Avoid redundant load of existing datasources.
  • Worked around problem with redundant refresh during initial navigations.
  • Added link to DebugView in Help-menu.
  • Use explicit CLSCTX-parameters to avoid problems with partially broken COM-registrations combined with reg-free and packaged COM. Essentially InprocHandler32 in Registry may hide actual registrations from other models, which cause headache for MS Office 365, and may lead to future problems for any object.
  • Store classname in member to avoid accessing XML during shutdown when i may have been destroyed by owning parent.
  • Added rate-limit for Record.Refresh to avoid redundant (partial) reloads within 500ms after full reload.
  • Filter Refresh-events per Record.Generation to limit UI updates.
  • Unified key lookup for set- and option-fields.
  • Fixed compatibility bug for filtering empty set-fields.
  • Log which control triggered the refresh.
  • Fixed problem where column filter is not applied if dialog is closed before WM_CHANGED have been processed.
  • Last modified: 4 months ago
  • by Pontus Netler