Lime CRM Desktop Client 11.1.2176

Lime CRM Desktop Client
Date published
Manual installation and Automatic Updates.
  • Fixed problems with “Ambiguous column name”
  • Fixed problem with debug show if the same LBS-app is loaded multiple times.
  • Fixed problem with 0 (zero) values instead of NULL for fields with numeric formatting that yield empty string for 0.
  • Improved compatibility for legacy VBA that modify data via Controls.SetValue or Control.Value, but commit changed using Record.Update.
  • Fixed problem where ActionPad-folder was not properly updated during initial login.
  • Fixed memory leak for VBA when loaded with warnings.
  • Fixed rendering crash seen via Sentry
  • Fixed bug where the inspector is automatically saved when opening inspector via relation field
  • Improved visual indication of empty tabs in inspector
  • Fixed problem with publishing ActionPads due to compatibility problems between XceedZip and WebView2 running in sam STA.

This is a patch release to resolve issues reported for 11.1.2160

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  • by Pontus Netler