Lime CRM Desktop Client 11.1.2386

Lime CRM Desktop Client
Date published
Manual installation and Automatic Updates.

This update focus on:

  • Compatibility with pre-11.x versions
  • Stability and robusness
  • Performance
  • Security, primarily related to formulas
  • Bugfixes for reported issues
  • Compatibility: Ensure batch update to filtered values does not change list content.
  • Fixed bug related to array handling for Pool operations.
  • Added support for Pool.Exist for comparing pools.
  • Added support for pausing updates for Record.Requery.
  • Security improvement: Fixed problems related to Application.Eval and Record.Eval for unsafe scripts.
  • Security improvement: Block unsafe scripts from standard reports
  • Compatibility: Improved robustness for LBS-versions where core elements are missing.
  • Removed obsolete handling for mixed content.
  • Fixed race-conditions due to transient changes to Controls.State during load. Intermittent problems with QuickNote not loaded
  • Guard against misuse of record object with parent
  • Fixed marshalling issue for FileOpenAttributes
  • Workaround bug in GetDataXMLDistributed for newlines by loading file-info separately.
  • Refined delayed refresh for inactive WebView2 to reduce problems with focus theft while maintaining base-level compatibility.
  • Removed integration with Segment.
  • Restored compatibility for sub-filters on secondary relations
  • Improve robustness for Access-properties
  • Fixed issues related to Controls.RefreshField and Controls.SetValue during BeforeSave.
  • Added localization for transient status messages in explorer list.
  • Refined handling of last error to avoid inclusion in common message dialogs.
  • Updated Outlook Redemption due to bugfix for problem with EML-files where display name is missing from mailbox address.
  • Fixed race-conditions where unsaved changes may be lost when calling Inspector.UpdateControls or Inspector.Show.
  • Skip redundant access validation in control to fully benefit from workarounds at record level.
  • Fixed visual bug for document control when updating other field on same inspector.
  • Refined settings for DNS-caching and connection reuse to play nice with load balancing for cloud.
  • Security: Blocked access to unsafe APIs for VBScript-based formulas
  • Fixed compatibility problem for newline in layout.
  • Disable input during (async) processing to avoid reentrance due to eager clicking.
  • Updated hard-coded default URLs to use HTTPS for D&B One-By-One
  • Improved robustness and error details for Application.OpenInspector
  • Improved compatibility with pre-LBS ActionPads.
  • Fixed problems with record object related to fields with alias
  • Added support for using fixed version distribution of WebView2.
  • Improved update detection precision to better handle changes in database while running.
  • Fixed bug in error handling for timeouts, seen via Sentry.
  • Fixed error due to missing translations. Improved async loading for legacy datasources.
  • Fixed problem with recursive locks.
  • Fixed bug in argument validation that broke loading for descriptions.
  • Restored auto-relate for active item.
  • Worked around race-conditions for merging results by also merging nested objects.
  • Fixed bug in LDC-queries for IsNull and IsNotNull.
  • Worked around issue for MIN/MAX-filters with dates.
  • Refined error reporting based on recent cloud issues.
  • Fixed regression bug in Record.Copy/CopyTo
  • Fixed rendering error for images in comboboxes.
  • Skip explicit read-only checkout for printing.
  • Moved 502/504 to origin communication.
  • Lookup active Outlook via CLSID.
  • Delay DocumentComplete until window.load.
  • Avoid injection of LBS polyfills for generic content.
  • Refactored layout algorithm for inspector to resolve problems related to tall and narrow windows.
  • Worked around race condition where multiple sequential record updates may result in cached response from previous update.
  • Use MFC default behaviour for activating frame window.
  • Restored filter compatibility for MIN/MAX
  • Resolved race-conditions for loading _config.js
  • Detect updates require refresh due to references in filter, view or via update on changes.
  • Ensure relations always use updated descriptions.
  • Compatibility: Ensure default methods and properties are supported for any automation object.
  • Support export of single rows from explorers.
  • Unified handling of file metadata to in preparation of extended support for online viewing and editing.
  • Visually report errors for Document.CheckIn for Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Fixed potential race-condition for loading related records.
  • Fixed race-conditions for hiding progress dialog for background job.
  • Refactored Explorer.AfterCommand to enhance compatibility with async updates.
  • Removed obsolete batch size handling.
  • Restore window state if maximized. Fixed problems with resize before visible.
  • Simplified initial show for frame windows to avoid focus problems for async operations.
  • Ensure WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT is set to ensure proper keyboard navigation.
  • Worked around occational crash when closing inspector or main window due to stack overflow in MFC.
  • Fixed regression bug for removing relations between records.
  • Fixed problems related to empty batches, ie when nothing really changed.
  • Unify field references for evaluated filters.
  • Fixed visual update problems related to batch updates.
  • Fixed compatibility problem with batched records updates for visible explorers.
  • Improved performance and robustness for timestamp handling.
  • Last modified: 19 months ago
  • by Pontus Netler