Lime CRM Desktop Client 11.1.2408

Lime CRM Desktop Client
Date published
Manual installation and Automatic Updates.

This update focus on resolving issues reported since previous update.

  • Fixed validation problems related to formatted readonly values that result in whitespace only.
  • Apply filter to guard against “stealing” linked objects from siblings
  • Restored compatibility with mixed content for XMLHttpRequest after previously fixing problems with race-conditions for onreadystatechanged.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with layout for multiline fields
  • Fixed problem with nested Record.Eval
  • Refactored error reporting to always include root cause.
  • Improved robustness for integration with Word and Excel to better handle situations where macros are completely disabled, which will be the new default for Office after April 2022.
  • Ensure field references are stored using none-localized database name.
  • Worked around problems with focus theft for WebView2 due to visibility handling in NavigationComplete-handler.
  • Only build recommendations for onsqlupdate for generic backend errors. Ensure root cause is more visible than recommendations.
  • Fixed rare crash in rendering for explorer headers.
  • Fixed race-conditions for refreshing modified fields marked as readonly via the API
  • Skip calculation of footer sums for fields with label.
  • Try to preserve active index in explorer if active item was lost.
  • Removed br (Brotli) from accepted encodings due to limitation in .Net Framework
  • If possible, mark mail-item as sent before saving as document.
  • Try do use partial updates to minimize refresh time after updates.
  • Pause automatic refresh for async records with filters that take more than 15s to load.
  • Add paused overlay for refresh toolbar button if records will require explicit refresh.
  • Pause automatic reload before batch update.
  • Apply handling of formatting for integers to all fields, not only required.
  • Ensure that switching view or filter triggers explicit reload.
  • Fixed bug in XPath for updating ids on new records
  • Added support for dummy record objects to to avoid null-references for ActiveUser.Record
  • Fixed layout problem where right-most fields stretched over all empty columns.
  • Worked around issue with MFC subclassing for windows owned by other threads.
  • Last modified: 7 weeks ago
  • by Pontus Netler