Released September 14, 2016.

  • Add a way to run scheduled jobs (PRO-1442)
    Making it possible for consultants to write and run add-on scheduled jobs
  • Lime CRM icon when saving shortcut on homescreen (PRO-1356)
    Adds an icon when adding a link to Lime CRM to the Android/iOS homescreen
  • Authorization-model in webclient (PRO-1174)
    Possible to allow different user groups to read/write/delete different objects in Lime CRM depending on security policies.
  • Calculate/combine fields on events (PRO-737)
    Fields with SQL on update customizations are triggered from the web client
  • Update related object-list when updating/deleting object (PRO-701)
    When a related object is being edited or deleted, the object now changes/disappears immediately in the list of related objects.
  • Installer starts services in the end of an installation (PRO-1437)
  • Web client performance improvements (PRO-1401)
  • UI improvements in relation control (PRO-1377)
  • More than one relation to other tables for to-do (PRO-1354)
    If there are more than one relation from a todo, the relation with the same name as the table is selected.
  • Show toast on some silent errors. (PRO-1335)
    Displays an error message when deletion of object fails, file upload on a file field fails and loading more related object fails.
  • Text file import should support percent style decimal fields (PRO-1329)
    Now possible to import to percentage-fields
  • API: Add limetype link on property HAL documents (PRO-1326)
    API-improvement. Adds limetype link to each property endpoint for a limetype.
  • Log infolog entries to file (PRO-1325)
  • Add readonly functionality for time control (PRO-1313)
  • Add readonly functionality to file control (PRO-1310)
  • Add readonly functionality - Belongsto (PRO-1305)
  • lime-button should be possible to disable (PRO-1297)
  • Data updates from web client should trigger after update logic (PRO-1271)
    SQL server customizations are triggered when using the web client
  • Updated login view after product re-branding (PRO-1266)
    New product logo and colors are used in login screen.
  • Entire area for lime-object-picker should be clickable when adding activity (PRO-1212)
    Users can now click on the entire input field when intending to add more related objects, when creating a new activity.
  • Use Angular Material for card-controls (PRO-1196)
    New Angular Material-controls including a new yes/no switch
  • Structured logging to file with rollover from LDC (PRO-1169)
  • Objects without activity feed and relations should only show “Details”-section in related view (PRO-1116)
  • Cannot change time in datecontrol on iPhone (PRO-1434)
  • Coworker relations on todo should not be attached to current coworker when the todo is created on another coworker card (PRO-1432)
  • Creating new object from a list on a card requires the list to have the same name as the related table (PRO-1430)
  • Impossible to log on to certain hosted databases in LISA (PRO-1396)
  • Performance improvement for when retrieving limetypes with embedded properties (PRO-1395)
  • Improved logon performance in web client (PRO-1389)
  • Search indexer service not logging to file (PRO-1385)
  • Selected value in option control is emptied when lime object is saved (PRO-1381)
  • Error fetching files when there are more than two file fields (PRO-1378)
  • Drag and drop to upload new document does not work in some cases (PRO-1375)
  • Search indexer service does not always shut down properly (PRO-1363)
  • Cannot create new history in activityfeed in related object view (PRO-1352)
    Users can now create activities in related object view.
  • File control sometimes throws an exception (PRO-1334)
  • Initial control cannot handle empty values (PRO-1333)
  • AD integration crashes if group name is less than 4 chars long (PRO-1316)
    AD integration no longer crashes if domain name is less than 4 chars long
  • limefu search index is broken (PRO-1315)
    limefu search indexer can create search index again
  • Queries including special characters do not yield results in IE11 (PRO-1289)
    Queries including special characters now yield results in IE11
  • An import job might fail in a way that leaves it in a running state. This blocks all subsequent imports (PRO-1287)
  • Limefu cannot upgrade databases that are missing the sys_data-table (PRO-1280)
  • API error handler can fail and return errors (PRO-1269)
  • LDC crashes if a stored procedure generates an arithmetic error (PRO-1264)
  • Conflict can occur on the connection level when one record is fetched (PRO-1261)
  • File api crashes on save/unlock from desktop client (PRO-1255)
    File api returns 404 for files with invalid ids that are uploaded to the server from the desktop client
  • File API returns 500 response when id is not numeric (PRO-1248)
  • Removed AD users do not get inactivated (PRO-1244)
  • Name of application in browsertab shows in lowercase (PRO-1144)
  • Long text names overflows related objects. (PRO-1021)
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