Released October 5, 2016.

  • Keyboard navigation (tab-flow) (PRO-831)
    Possible to use tab-control in order to go between controls on object-page
  • Performance enhancement for limetype and repository creation (PRO-1461)
    Improved performance in webclient
  • Throttle requests for login to prevent brute force password attacks (PRO-1454)
  • Cache limetypes (PRO-1445)
    Improved performance in webclient
  • Indexing operations should not consume all resources (PRO-1423)
    The search indexer can now be run in low priority mode
  • Python API improvements (PRO-1420)
  • API performance improvements (PRO-1406)
  • Application metadata changes are incorrectly cached (PRO-1557)
    Datastructure changes in LISA are now directly reflected after a refresh in the browser.
  • Search indexer fails when it encounters an unknown limetype (PRO-1553)
  • Search queries do not reflect changes in metadata (PRO-1528)
  • Multiple database queries in one HTTP request might fail (PRO-1462)
  • Too long file names raises “Server not available” error (PRO-1458)
  • Drag-and-drop should be disabled when the relation to Document is readonly (PRO-1443)
  • LDC sometimes logs incorrectly formatted messages (PRO-1436)
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