Released December 28, 2016.

  • JSON error logging support (PRO-1680)
  • Block certain applications during installation to prevent service uninstallation problems (PRO-1665)
  • Support entering of service number in hosted LISA (PRO-1664)
    Service number can be input for hosted customers
  • Add the inactive attribute on Option and in the API (PRO-1627)
  • IPv6 support (PRO-1626)
    The server now supports ipv6
  • Limefu improvements (PRO-1625)
    Improved documentation for all limefu commands.
  • Improved search performance in webclient (PRO-1599)
  • Run text file imports in low priority mode (PRO-1588)
  • API is always enabled (PRO-1587)
  • Improve scheduler reliability on startup (PRO-1583)
  • Improved error message when upgrading databases and RabbitMQ is not running (PRO-1562)

Web Client

  • Notify user when leaving the app without saving changes in limeObjectCard (LCWC-138)
    When has made changes to an opened card and tries to close the tab or to change URL, she or he will be prompted to confirm the action.
  • When creating a new object with relation to coworker, active user should automatically be attached (LCWC-58)
    When creating a new object, the currently logged in user is automatically attatched as coworker.
  • Lime CRM Server could stop responding to requests. (PRO-1653)
  • Unable to use limefu if Swedish is not one of the active languages (PRO-1650)
  • Migration status shown as OK when outdated (PRO-1649)
  • Saving activities does not trigger post-processing logic (PRO-1595)
    csp_afterupdate is run when a new activity is added in the web client
  • Sign in form application list not always populated (PRO-1591)
    The user is no longer sometimes unable to select application when using IE11
  • Webfront service cannot start when data directory is not on C: drive (PRO-1561)
    Installing Lime CRM Server now possible on other drive than C:
  • Auto import does not update the search index (PRO-1474)
    Imported objects show up in the search queries in the web application
  • “limefu database upgrade” may create objects in the wrong database schema (PRO-1318)

Web Client

  • Scroll on iOS does not work properly when creating new related object (LCWC-228)
  • Empty search view in some cases, iOS/safari (LCWC-183)
    When entering search mode on iOS/safari, the search result were empty in some cases. Now they are displayed.
  • Search debouncing is always 0 ms (LCWC-176)
    Fewer useless requests means faster handling of useful requests, especially in hosting
  • Lime-spinner causes CPU to reach 100% in Internet Explorer (LCWC-175)
  • Edge: Input fields in related sometimes have height of four rows. (LCWC-170)
    In Edge and IE11 the user will now have correct height of textarea fields on related cards and in closed sections that are opened up.
  • Date/time picker: you can't input time using English locale (LCWC-154)
    It's now possible to set time in the datepicker when using English locale.
  • Text is overflowing in card header (LCWC-48)
    Each card headers title will now have a maximum amount of three rows.
  • Clicking on a todo in the list to display the card will only work if the todo table is named “todo” (LCWC-42)
  • Option fields should show inactive options when they are the current selection (LCWC-10)
    Inactive options in option controls are not possible to select in the web client
  • Last modified: 2 years ago
  • by Jonatan Folger Asu