Released January 23, 2017.

  • Files are not considered accessible by the ACL (PRO-1722)
  • Installation fails on certain servers (PRO-1720)
  • System properties cannot be used as keys when importing (PRO-1715)
  • Importing decimals or integers with empty values should populate entries with the defaultvalue. (PRO-1714)
    If an empty string is mapped to a number-field, the defaultvalue set in lisa will be set as value
  • Installation may fail due to COM security initialization timing (PRO-1711)
  • Import fails for types having record access enabled (PRO-1710)
  • Imports created with cannot import to option fields (PRO-1705)
  • Importer does not display required fields. (PRO-1703)
    Importer GUI displays all required fields.
  • limefu importer list –state <state> failes (PRO-1702)
    Bugfix such that limefu cmd: `limefu importer list –state <state>` works
  • Only administrators can open document files when the document table has an access query (PRO-1701)
  • Files that have been deleted could show up in the desktop client (PRO-1700)
  • Lime CRM Server may become unresponsive due to there being no available database connections (PRO-1698)
  • Lime CRM Importer can't import decimal-numbers with comma (PRO-1697)
    Possible to import decimal numbers with comma via lime-import.
  • Cannot save objects with XML properties longer than 128 characters (PRO-1669)
    Possible to save objects in the webclient containing xml-properties
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