Released June 1, 2017.

  • The update status for a database/application has changed from OK/OUTDATED/INVALID to OK/NEEDS UPGRADE. The web client's logon form will only list databases that have the status “OK”. (
  • A Lime CRM server will now accept a database that is of a newer version than itself. This will enable us to decouple the upgrading of databases from the activating/registration of new versions of Lime CRM in the hosting environment. (
  • Geography fields are inactivated in the database. (
  • Desktopclient will no longer crash on logon after adding a api-key to a user.
  • Disable database registry cache if os is not compatible. This means that limefu and the Search Indexer wont fail on Windows Server 2008. (
  • The search indexer now reloads itself when an index is updated. This prevents the search indexer for being out of sync with an app's limetypes. (
  • Access control excludeds types with all types of record access on them. (
  • Fixes issue where url cache was not aware of the application name, resulting in invalid api links. (

Web Client

  • Fixes a bug where, under certain circumstances, no dirty-warning would be shown for a new related object when left before created. (Lundalogik/lime-webclient#40)
  • Fixes a bug where a user also had to have create access on the origin object in order to be able to create a related object on that origin object. (Lundalogik/crm-feature#7)
  • Last modified: 3 years ago
  • by Jonatan Folger Asu