Released February 3, 2016.

  • Server version should always be displayed on login screen (PRO-553)
  • Minor improvements to installer UI (PRO-508)
  • Background indexing of new, updated and deleted objects (PRO-271)
  • Create new related object (PRO-264)
  • Create activity with selectable type (PRO-130)
  • Memory leak in web server (PRO-828)
  • Search in option query fields did not work (PRO-759)
  • Cannot create optionfields in LISA (PRO-579)
  • Pre-select database in login view dropdown if there is only one available (PRO-563)
  • You cannot save a coworker because the user property is readonly (PRO-552)
  • Prevent use of unsupported SQL Server languages (PRO-533)
  • Saving option order in LISA sometimes fails (PRO-499)
  • LDAP attribute “notes” in LADI does not exist (PRO-498)
  • Elasticsearch does not behave well in multi-node environments (PRO-440)
  • Delete object should detach relations (PRO-262)
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