Released March 4, 2016.

  • Add info log when the database timestamp is updated. (PRO-825)
  • Click-to-call in object views (PRO-744)
  • Load more todo tasks (PRO-712)
    Possible to load more to-dos in dashboard and related view
  • Load more activities (PRO-602)
    Possible to load more than 15 activities in activity feed
  • limefu improvements (PRO-131)
  • Memory leak in web server (PRO-828)
  • Ensure no flicker until breakpoints are in effect (PRO-793)
  • Improve import error handling for files with non-unique column headers (PRO-760)
  • Search in option query fields did not work (PRO-759)
  • “index out of range” error shown when importing certain files (PRO-755)
  • Content disappears in detail-view on iPhone (PRO-739)
  • A new database connection is created for every request to the web server (PRO-736)
  • Related objects list does not always show items (PRO-734)
    Fixes issue where lists of related objects could not load content after main object had been saved
  • Import job summary does not limit number of jobs displayed (PRO-695)
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