Released December 3, 2018

  • The REST API now returns the limetype name for limetype in the acl endpoint
  • The REST API now return the property name for each property in the acl endpoint
  • QueryObjects - a python API for querying the database for large datasets
  • Possibility to fetch Has-And-Belongs-To-Many relations with offset param specified
  • Command limefu object-access configure-legacy-support for making record access use object access.
  • Plugins are now loaded in the importer, making sure code defined in custom Lime Objects will run upon import
  • Ability to define exchange/queue with lime-config for lime-import
  • lime-newsletter validates that the consenttype id (if specified in the config) exists
  • For services interacting with our REST API not supporting HTTP headers for sending API keys, basic auth can be used, using x-api-key as username and the API key as password
  • Configurable plugins path
  • Plugins are now loaded at limefu startup
  • Web Client: Icons and colors
    It is now possible to add icons and colors to custom tables! No more gray badges!
  • Web Client: Splash screen when logging in
    We have added a loading screen when logging in to make it feel a bit more exciting!
  • Web Client: Possible to connect custom limetypes when adding a note to the activity feed
    It is now possible to configure what limetypes an activity can be connected to through Lime Admin.
  • Web Client: Object access dialogue on notes in activity feed
    It is now possible to navigate to the info dialogue and therein also change object access for notes in the activity feed
  • The python platform now uses python per default to save objects (the config flag use_ldc_for_writes is by default set to False)
  • Web Client: All icons in the web client have been freshly updated to the Icons8 - Windows 10 library.
  • Web Client: Improved “Add note” dialogue - We have removed the activity type selector bar and made the dialogue more simplistic. It should now be a whole lot easier to select activity type, especially when using your mobile phone.
  • Web Client: Percentage controls - Percentage controls can now be shown as a progress bar in the table view.
  • Web Client: Possible to change object access permissions - It is now also possible to change object access permissions (and not only the owner/group) through the info dialogue.
  • Web Client: Added arrow buttons for changing year in month picker and quarter picker.
  • Fixes an issue where connected objects could not be deleted
  • Switch from deprecated logger.warn() to logger.warning()
  • Improved errorhandling for prematurely terminated imports
  • Ensure HRESULT errors are always returned as strings from the LDC proxy-API
  • Skip participants that aren't linked to any person in lime-newsletter
  • lime-newsletter config was not returned to admin editor after save
  • Wheel API changed from wheel.install.WheelFile to wheel.wheelfile.WheelFile, making new plugins not build after initial generation
  • Set default mimetypes for .js and .css files
  • Web Client: Object picker - Fixed a bug that made it very hard to set a relation through the object picker on small devices (such as through your mobile phone). Now, the object picker will not jump around on your screen anymore!
  • Web Client: Object picker now shows “No results” text when there are no suggestions.
  • Last modified: 3 years ago
  • by Jonatan Folger Asu