Released May 11, 2016.

  • Minor UI improvements (PRO-1095)
  • Description for object in chip now allows use of “description” label (PRO-1072)
    Fields with label “Description” is shown in badge for related object
  • limefu database list nows extended migration status (PRO-842)
    `limefu database list` now lists a column status describing the state of each application listed
  • Show recently visited objects before searching (PRO-786)
    Recent visited objects is shown in the searchlist which will simplify the work in Lime CRM
  • Memory leak in web server relating to desktop client login (PRO-1204)
  • Not possible to remove relations (PRO-1146)
  • “limefu database list” does not list correct status when sqlhost is something else then localhost. (PRO-1132)
  • Internal server error when attempting to view import error details and import file does not exist (PRO-1127)
  • Creating new record fails if only relation fields were modified before save (PRO-1114)
    Fixes an issue where creating new records fails if only relation fields were modified
  • Saving a user with an invalid but not modified SID may cause LISA error messages (PRO-1111)
  • lsp_recreatetable cannot create check constraints for required option fields (PRO-1102)
  • Search input focus on small device (PRO-1101)
    When the main search field is opened on a small screen, it now gets focused so the user can start typing immediately
  • File headers are not correctly encoded when downloading file (PRO-1074)
  • Database cleanup system task may cause datastructure cache to become invalidated (PRO-989)
  • Last modified: 4 years ago
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