Version (1.6.2)

Released February 3, 2020

  • Added a QueryBuilder to lime-core to make it easier to create lime queries.
  • Added query endpoint to core-api.
  • Added the possibility to create migrations to migrate the config (upwards or downwards) for a lime-package or a a solution.
  • Dynamic groups can not have subgroups and members of a dynamic group are added/removed to both the member table and membercache table the same time. This is an optimization primarily for customers utilizing object access.
  • Web Client: Option query support to make it much easier to connect objects.
  • Web Client: Included the following system properties to be able to use in the table view: id, createdtime and timestamp.
  • Web Client: Possible to set field as required in card views.
  • Lime search - Improve error handling when indexing limeobjects.
  • Groups - get_members returns a list of Member:s instead of User:s. The method refresh_member_cache was added such that you can manually trigger a refresh of the cache.
  • Lime Newsletter add-on updated to v. 2.2.3
  • Web Client: limel-picker from lime-elements is used almost everywhere.
  • Web Client: Improved the suggestions returned when using limel-picker.
  • Unit of work: When deleting two related (belongsto/hasmany) limeobjects only one was deleted, this is now fixed.
  • Web Client: Possible to upload documents on iOS again.
  • Last modified: 3 years ago
  • by Jonatan Folger Asu