The following is required for the Apsis Integration to work:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (full edition)
  • Lime CRM Web Service 10.6 or later enabled and configured
  • Lime CRM Server 10.9 or later (required for database configurator during install)

During installation you will also need the following:

  • Administrator privileges on the machine where the integration is to be installed.
  • Account details (username and password) for the Apsis-API account, specified for the customer (customer must order this in advance). The following must be true for the Apsis account and should be verified with Apsis beforehand for the account in question:
    • SOAP API access must be enabled
    • API version 3 must be used
  • Connection details for Lime CRM Web Service (shared account mode):
    • Set Session mode to Shared and provide a LIME username and password (eg apsisuser/Pa55Word, administrator)
    • Binding type (e.g. basic http)
    • Endpoint address (e.g. http://limeserver.local:1337/lime/)

Follow these simple steps to get the Apsis Integration up and running:

  1. Run the Apsis Integration Windows Installer package (.msi file) to install necessary files to Program Files (x86)\Lundalogik\Lime CRM Apsis Integration.
  2. Run Apsis Database Configuration utility to automatically create necessary tables and fields in the Lime CRM database to use. (Notice that in the form section Database Connection the Server field is the name of the Lime server and the Database field is the name of the database in LISA)
  3. Start Lime CRM and adjust views and filters for the campaign table and the other newly created tables to your liking.
  4. Edit the configuration file Apsis.Service.exe.config to specify Apsis account details and Lime CRM Web Service connection details.
  5. When satisfied, start the Lundalogik Lime CRM Apsis Integration service through Administrative Tools | Services.


There have been problems installing the Apsis Integration service if the Services management window is open. Therefore, close Services control panel window before beginning the installation.


The installation requires true administrator privileges. If nothing seems to happen when you try to install the .msi file, open an Administrator command prompt and install using the following command:

msiexec /i [path to .msi file]

Upgrading to 2.1.13 or later

When upgrading to version 2.1.13 or later, the file Lundalogik\Lime Pro Apsis Integration\Apsis.Service.exe.config must be moved to the new folder Lundalogik\Lime CRM Apsis Integration.

It is possible to upgrade from version 1.x of the Apsis Integration by following these steps:


All mailing and recipient history related to Apsis will be lost (e.g. who viewed what, how many clicks, etc.) by following the steps below. Mailing list subscriptions however can be re-imported into Lime CRM.

  1. Note the Apsis user name and password found in the existing configuration file.
  2. Remove the old installation completely first using Control Panel | Add/remove programs.
  3. Remove Apsis related record access query from the person table.
  4. Run the following SQL script to remove all existing Apsis related fields, tables and data from the Lime CRM database:
    exec lsp_removetable @@name = N'apsismailing'
    exec lsp_removetable @@name = N'apsismailinglist'
    exec lsp_removetable @@name = N'apsisrecipient'
    exec lsp_removetable @@name = N'apsissubscription'
    exec lsp_removetable @@name = N'apsisoptoutlist'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'apsissubscriberid'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'limestatus'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'emailformat'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'emailbounce'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'emailbouncedate'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'emailbouncecategory'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'emailbouncereason'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'apsisrecipient'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'apsismailinglist'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'apsisoptoutlist'
    exec lsp_removefield @@table = N'person', @@field = N'apsissubscription'
    exec lsp_refreshcaches
    exec lsp_refreshldc
  5. Install v2.x as per instructions above. Use the Apsis user name and password from the previous installation.
  6. For all existing mailing lists in Apsis that should be downloaded and imported to Lime CRM, run the Lime CRM Apsis Migration Tool, select the appropriate lists and run the import.
  7. Remove the Apsis v1.x VBA class module and its initialization code.
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